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Things don't always go as planned!

Since Gná (F: Konsert frá Hofi & M: Gletta frá Skipaskaga) was 4 years old we have three times been planning to show her at a breeding assessment, also now this spring then at the age of 6 years. But at every single time she started limping just before her breeding assessment, for various this spring just the day before her breeding assessment😩

This mare has a lot of potential and she has a good willingness and temperament, in addition to that she is very beautiful. We had decided early on that we would use her as one of the breeding mares of Skipaskagi. This summer we decided that she would get a long vacation from training and now she is trying out her life as a breeding mare and is pregnant with Vörður, 2 year old son of Veigar.

When her time comes she will come back in training hopefully better than ever!

This video is taken in the end of May. The rider is Leifur Gunnarsson.


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