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Stallions from Skipaskagi in Sweden

After the latest update of BLUP last week, it was revealed that of the 11 highest stallions in Sweden (without judged offsprings), five are 1st prize stallions from Skipaskagi. In addition to them is also Róbert from Kirkjufelli, who is an offspring of Skipaskagi horses, and we owned him with the breeders Bryndís and Guðmundur.

We have no doubt that these Skipaskagi horses will benefit Swedish breeders!

Meitill from Skipaskagi, IS2012101046

F: Steðji from Skipaskagi

M: Skynjun from Skipaskagi

Róbert from Kirkjufelli, IS2016137375

F: Skaginn from Skipaskagi

M: Gjóla from Skipaskagi

Djákni from Skipaskagi, IS2015101045

F: Konsert from Hofi

M: Viska from Skipaskagi

Eldjárn from Skipaskagi, IS2014101050

F: Jarl from Árbæjarhjáleigu II

M: Glíma from Kaldbak

Framherji from Skipaskagi, IS2016101047

F: Arion from Eystra-Fróðholt

M: Formúla from Skipaskagi

Dáti from Skipaskagi, IS2015101044

F: Skaginn from Skipaskagi

M: Dama from Neðra-Skarði


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