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FIZO in June 2022

We showed 6 horses in FIZO now in June. 4 of them in full FIZO assessment and 2 of them in conformation assessment.

Tromla 7 years: 8,51 (Rider: Árni Björn) Skyggnir 6 years: 8,50 (Rider: Árni Björn) Snerting 5 years: 8,33 (Rider: Leifur Gunnarsson) Samviska 5 years: 7,89 (Rider: Leifur Gunnarsson)

Vitund 4 years: 8,64 (conformation)

Ösp 4 years: 8,28 (conformation)

Also shown from our breeding this June was Sögn 6 years (8,62), but she is owned by Eyland Horse Breeding (Rider: Helga Una).

4 of these 5 horses shown from our breeding in full FIZO assessment will be at Landsmót :)


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