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3 year old mares, trained for 5 weeks

A high proportion of the 3 year old youngsters this year are mares. Most of them are daughters of Skaginn & Veigar.

These nine mares are all 3 years old and have been in training for about 5 weeks. They (and Leifur) have done a good job and have all been very cooperative, as expected since they have a very good temperament.

Now they are off to a well deserved vacation!

Skaginn + Viska

Viðja = Veigar + Sjöfn

Skaginn + Kjarnorka

Vitund = Veigar + Skynjun

Skaginn + Rebekka

Varða = Veigar + Formúla

Kvarði + Saga

Meitill + Gletta

Svartur + Dama


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