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Covering fee: 120.000 kr.

Caretaking of mare & ultrasound: 30.000 kr.

Total: 150.000 kr. plus VAT

Skaginn serves mares at Litla-Fellsöxl.

Total: 185.000 kr. plus VAT

Veigar serves mares (insemination) at Dýrfinnustaðir in Skagafjörður until ca. 20th of June. After that he will be located for handcovering at Kvistir in Ölfusi.

Veigar is now fully booked when he arrives at Kvistir.

Covering fee: 50.000 kr.

Caretaking of mare & ultrasound: 30.000 kr.

Total: 80.000 kr. plus VAT

Skyggnir serves mares at Litla-Fellsöxl.

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A payment request will be sent on the online bank. 

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The stay for the mare and foal are at the owner’s own expense and risk.